The entire Benue state assembly premises was taken over by security personnel(Police officers) who barred members from reconvening to deliberate on issues of urgent state importance earlier today.

PoliticsNGR learnt that Ad hoc committee chairman on publicity Rt.Hon. Paul Biam said no cogent reason had been given by the most senior security personnel as to why the assembly was besieged by the security except that he had superior orders from above to take charge.

Hon. Biam maintained that as law-abiding citizens they would not resort to resisting the security but rather search for an alternative venue to meet as they were duty bound by the constitution to sit at any location to do their legislative business.

While the recently impeached speaker Terkimbi Ikyange still maintains he remains speaker the ad hoc committee chairman on publicity said the issue of the dissolution of the assembly’s previous leadership is certainly not in contention.

On the twenty-fourth of July, a vote of no confidence was passed on the previous leadership which led to their dissolution in which new leaders were elected.



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