A Group in Rivers State, known as the Concerned Diobu Youths has condemned what it called unnecessary violence during the Saturday, 18th August, 2018 bye-election for Port Harcourt Constituency 3 of the Rivers State House of Assembly.
Addressing the Press on the matter, Coordinator  of the Group, Comrade Jinjiri Bala-Mato said it is unfortunate that some politicians of the All Progressives Congress(APC), especially the Rivers State Chairman of APC,Hon Ojukaye Flag-Amachree would import thugs from Delta and Bayelsa States to perpetrate violence in Diobu-Port Harcourt where he grew up from.
“There has been elections in Port Harcourt and Diobu in particular,but we have never seen this kind of election. People imported thugs from everywhere to cause problem in Diobu in the name of election,” Bala-Mato alleged. The youth Leader specifically accused Flag-Amachree,the APC chairman in Rivers State of bringing the said political thugs during the election to cause the mayhem that led to the disruption of the bye election in PHALGA Constituency 3 on that fateful day.
On what the youths will do if what happened during the bye-election repeats itself. Bala-Mato said Diobu youths are law abiding and will remain so,hence the press briefing. He used the opportunity to thank Governor Nyesom Wike for his comment on the botched bye election and urged him to continue in his developmental strides in Rivers State.
Toeing the line of Bala-Mato,another youth leader in Rivers State and member of the Concerned Diobu Youths, Igonikon Gogo Abite warned that if this incident happens again, it Will develop to a very big problem that might engulf the entire Rivers State. Gogo-Abite was categorical that they the youths of Diobu will no longer fold their hands and watch strangers from other States come into Diobu to forment trouble in the name of election .He berated APC for sponsoring thugs to disrupt a peaceful election after claiming that the party is on ground. “If APC says it is on ground, why should they import thugs to disrupt election,” he queried.
Abite urged the politicians to canvass for votes instead of resorting to violence to win elections.
On his part,another member of the group, Omenma Omenjo said the conduct of the politicians during the suspended bye election was enough aggression that would have triggered off major crisis in Rivers State,but thanked God that Diobu youths exhibited maturity in the face of provocation.
Adding his voice to the matter,another member of the group, Divine Favour lauded INEC for suspending the controversial election.He reiterated the fact that the political parties that perpetrated the crisis only shows that they are not on ground and could not have won the election.
Culled from NUJ-Rivers State forum.




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