Though not yet official, The PDP has postponed the Bonny-Degema Federal House of Representative primaries between ex militant, Mr Farah Dagogo and Mr. Randolf Brown

Mr Randolf Brown is from Bonny and is seeking a second term in office to represent the Bonny-Degema in the Federal House of Representative.

The PDP primaries for the Bonny-Degema constituency was supposed to be held in Degema, today, being the 3rd of October, but the fear of insecurity in Degema have caused the PDP to relocate the primaries to another venue preferable Port Harcourt.

Rivers PDP Zoning formula in Bonny-Degema Federal constituency:

Bonny and Degema have an understanding to rotate power between themselves after 8  years.  Degema district has twice the amount of voting strength of Bonny.

PDP has been ruling the Bonny-Degema constituency since 1999 till date.

Ex Miliant, Mr Farah Dagogo is from Degema and commands a cult figure in Degema. It is believed that Bonny Delegates are scared of coming to Degema for today’s primaries because of Mr Farah Dagogo.

Mr Farah Dagogo, a current member of the Rivers State Assembly has been offered the slot in the Federal House of representative to stay put in the PDP.

Papparassi Understands that Mr Farah Dagogo was set to leave the PDP last month for the APC, but  for some last minutes political office offers from the PDP for a slot in the Federal House that kept him at the PDP.

The Kalabari’s have the third largest ethnic votes in Rivers State after Ikwerre and Ogoni.




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