• Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde; born 25th December 1967 to an average middle class family; is currently the Group Managing Director of Makon Group Nigeria Limited, which he founded. Oluwaseyi Makinde born in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria; is a businessman philanthropist and politician. Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde a seasoned Engineer is an alumnus of University of Lagos and Sloan School of Management-Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. Oluwaseyi Makinde’s Makon Group has contributed in various ways in the Nigeria oil and gas industry by actively engaging in development of Nigeria Local Content in the field of engineering of oil and gas facilities.

    He is active in politics, contesting for 2019 Oyo State governorship election on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

    Early Life, Education and Professional Career.

    Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde was born at Catholic Hospital Oluyoro, Ibadan, Oyo State to late Pa Olatubosun Makinde and Madam Abigail Makinde of Aigbofa Compound, Oja’ba Ibadan, Oyo State. He attended St. Michael’s Primary School, Yemetu in Ibadan; Oyo State. He also attended Bishop Phillips Academy, Iwo Road Ibadan and the University of Lagos, Akoka Yaba, Lagos from where he graduated with a B.Sc (Hons) degree in Electrical Engineering in 1990. He was trained in Industrial Control Services in Houston, Texas in 1998; and Development of Analytical Competence at Lagos Business School (now Pan African University) in 1999. He studied Fundamentals of Crude Sampling at Jiskoot Auto Control Training Centre, Kent England in 2002 and in Understanding and Solving Complex Business Problems at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA in 2005.

    Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde; the son of a teacher, grew up in Ibadan; Oyo State and is a successful businessman and philanthropist having the spirit of service instilled in him at an early age.  He is involved in sports, community and church activities respectively.  In primary and secondary school, the young Oluwaseyi Makinde was selected to attend most of the school academic external events and this experience ignited his passion for public service. In 1985, after gaining admission into the University of Lagos; Oluwaseyi Makinde relocated to Lagos to attend University of Lagos and he graduated as an Electrical Engineer.  While still at the University of Lagos; he did his internship (industrial attachment) at Shell Petroleum Development Company for one year before graduating from the University of Lagos in 1990 to work full-time for the same company for two years.

    During his undergraduate years at the University of Lagos; the young Oluwaseyi Makinde made several remarkable innovations namely; the conversion of gas measurement devices to meet API 14.3 standard in Nigeria; Design and construction of a portable DC to AC converter (this was a mini project in his third year at the University of Lagos in 1988).

    In addition, he designed a microprocessor based DC motor controller as his final year project at the University of Lagos and graduated with a BSc (Hons) Electrical Engineering in 1990.

    Business Career:

    Oluwaseyi Makinde worked for Shell Petroleum Development Company for two years from 1990 to 1992 as a pupil engineer; handling and partaking in several key projects.

    After gathering requisite and extensive knowledge; Oluwaseyi Makinde worked for Rebold International Limited as a Field Engineer Cum Assistant Manager-(Eket operations) from 1992-1997 where he designed, installed, supervised and commissioned several instrumentation projects. He is also a subject matter expert in metering with special bias for Automation and control.

    In 1997; Oluwaseyi Makinde set up his private business called Makon Engineering and Technical Services Limited from scratch. What is today known as Makon Group; began operations via her parent company Makon Engineering and Technical Services Limited in 1997. Makon Engineering and Technical Services Limited commenced business as an instrument, automation and control system outfit and have through the years built sound engineering packaged equipment procurement, construction installation maintenance base that has a global competitive edge.

    A humble man from humble beginnings, Oluwaseyi Makinde has been able to transform his infant company into a multi-million dollar business entity now known as Makon Group with four subsidiaries spanning across Nigeria, South Africa and United States of America.

    Oluwaseyi Makinde is a member of several national and international professional bodies notably; Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE); Council For Regulations of Engineers in Nigeria (COREN); Oil and Gas Design Engineers of Nigeria (OGDEN); Instrument Society of America (ISA); Institute of Measurement and Control UK; America Measurement Institute (AMI) Sub Committee on Measurement Quality.

    Oluwaseyi Makinde rose from a humble background against natural adversity and life’s uncertainties to become founder of Makon Engineering and Technical Services International.  As the Group Managing Director he worked with utmost zeal and welcoming spirits to spearhead various meaningful activities to scale the company to a higher apex internationally. He is responsible for the overall direction, growth, corporate governance and international expansion of the company.

    Oluwaseyi Makinde is a highly talented and eloquent strategic and creative thinker. He is also a professional who brings with him, deep insight, and extensive management skills across many business areas.

    Political Career:

    Oluwaseyi Makinde has made several efforts to ensure capable hands with the technocratic and political experience are supported to win elective offices so that society at large will be the better for it. He is a member of a non-governmental organisation whose sole aim is to transform the state through electoral offices. He has always been of the opinion that “the good ones amongst us will lose the moral right to ask questions if politics is left to the old system which has brought us to the stagnancy and abject poverty that permeates all the spheres of our nation.”

    With a successful career in the business world; Oluwaseyi Makinde has now found a new calling to publicly serve and give back to society.  The electorate are yearning for change and want a young new-breed politician with a big heart, a technocrat with true understanding of the people’s plights.  He contested for senatorial seat twice and has become the most sought after governorship aspirant in Oyo state today by the people irrespective of their political leaning.

    He is Oyo State’s PDP governorship candidate for the 2019 governorship election.

    Oluwaseyi Makinde had begun thinking about entering politics in the early age of his youth partly based upon Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Late Chief Bola Ige’s legacy of ‘Free Education’ to give back to the community. He is moderate with progressive views as a democrat and has the people’s welfare at heart.

    Oluwaseyi Makinde’s entrance into the political scene brought another phase to Oyo state politics because many technocrats and academics before him are not known to part with their wealth nor interact liberally; but Makinde relates freely and empowers the people with his wealth without any prejudice.

    Oluwaseyi Makinde is committed to making the most of his aptitude on the issues of prudent financial management, social justice, peace building, conflict resolution, community cohesion, and (disaster and risk management).

    Makinde has an in- depth understanding of the issues affecting the society and seeks the truth in each and every area of societal life, whether in search for peaceful co-existence among communities, capacity building, or relating to his fellow contemporaries, citizens and the general society. He is deep in thought with a positive disposition.

    Makinde is extremely skillful and tackles various duties of the society religiously.

    Oluwaseyi Makinde as a visionary knows that Oyo State has been underachieving and he cannot turn a blind eye on the issues affecting the people such as poverty, unemployment, lack of electricity, lack of clean water, inability to access health services, shortage of food, portable shelter and lack of other infrastructural development.

    The question on his mind is how to solve the above problems?

    However, the interest of the People has been his concern over everything else.

    One of the issues to be confronted is that of poverty. Engr Makinde said “if deprived people or most vulnerable are not able to sleep because they are hungry, the well-to-do will also not be able to sleep” hence his quest to find a lasting solution to the problem and helping the less privilege ones and their next generation to move away from that class has been his top priority.

    With a successful track record of leadership in cross-functional teams, Makinde’s passion to serve his people and offer his candidature for the position of Oyo state Governor in 2015 is driven by the plight of the people that are currently belittled by poor leadership and mismanagement of state resources.


    Oluwaseyi Makinde embarked on Philanthropy in order to meet the needs of people and has faithfully and consistently kept his promise to committing his resources both financial and material to touching peoples’ lives in his community and state.

    He has spent over a decade devoted to assisting families who are having tough times and are seeking out the their dreams. He has also touched the lives of many people in most Oyo state communities through his philanthropic foundations.

    Makinde has credited the generosity and extensive philanthropy of his father as a major influence in shaping his selfless character and has continued his philanthropy since his days at Makon Group through innovative projects all over Oyo State.

    In 2000; Oluwaseyi Makinde paid a visit to his hometown, Ibadan and Alma mater, Bishop Philips Academy, Ibadan, Oyo State; where he saw the capital of the Old Western Region which prides itself as ‘Pace Setters’ in a state of disrepair and his former classroom dilapidated beyond recognition. He immediately offered to rebuild the classroom which he did in record time marking the beginning of his philanthropic work which is numerous throughout Oyo State.

    Oluwaseyi Makinde built a block of three classrooms for his Alma Mata, Bishop Philip Academy and equipped the school with information and communication technology tools such as computers and installed 5KVA generator to power them in 2001.

    Other Philanthropic works embarked on by this selfless individual include;
    •    Construction of Borehole at Oja-igbo junction Ibadan North – east in 2006.
    •    Construction of Borehole at Ogbere near Agugu, Ibadan, Ibadan   North East in 2008.
    •    Construction of Borehole at Ajia Village Ibadan September 2011.
    •    Construction of Provision of block of classrooms for bishop Oyebode Memorial Primary School; Agugu in 2012.
    •    Provision of relief materials to fire disaster victims in Ibadan; Oyo State in 2013.
    •    Provision of electricity transformer at Soka an area in Oluyole Local Government Area; Oyo State in 2014.
    •    Electricity Transformer at Olode village Akobo Lagelu Local Government Area; Oyo state; February 2014.
    •    Renovation of Ibadan House Ibadan North Local Government Area Ibadan in 2014.
    •    Oluwaseyi Makinde has also donated relief materials to some victims of flood and rains storm across Oyo State in 2014.
    •    The construction of the Olatunbosun Makinde Media and Agro Allied Hall in the Ajia Village Ona-ara Local Government Area; Ibadan; Oyo State.  Also, Gas turbine and street light at Ajia village Ona-ara Local Government Area, Ibadan; Oyo State.
    •    Construction of Gas powered turbine to generate independent power/electricity at Ajia Town in Ibadan, commissioned on September 17, 2011.
    •    Oluwaseyi Makinde gives out scholarships to outstanding students from Bishop Philip Academy, Ibadan.
    •    Procurement of medical equipment and dispensing of medications to the aged. Sponsorship of medical team from United States of America to Nigeria.
    •    Sponsorship of the construction of website for the Federation of Ibadan Students Union and the construction of programmable logic control (PLC) laboratory for his Alma Mata, the University of Lagos, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering in 2011.
    •    Annual sponsorship of pilgrims to the Holy Land of Mecca and Jerusalem (Saudi Arabia and Israel respectively).
    •    Financed the construction of boreholes at various communities in Oyo State.
    •    Construction of blocks of classrooms at BOMAC Primary School Oremeji Agugu, Ibadan in 2012.
    •    Distribution of teaching and writing materials to the pupils of primary and secondary schools in Oyo State.
    •    Construction of Science Laboratory for the PEN Junior School Iyaganku Ibadan and also the Installation of Street Light at Bayo Oyeleke Street, Ikolaba Ibadan with 10KVA Generator.
    •    He has been empowering the less privileged youths and elderly in the society.

    Oluwaseyi Makinde has created several jobs for Oyo State indigenes through his Youth Empowerment programmes initiated in 2006. And according to him, he remains committed to helping Oyo State’s private sector create 250,000 jobs by 2017

    Makinde has made crucial contributions to the social, economic and educational development of Oyo State.

    Personal Attribute:

    Oluwaseyi Makinde is well respected by all due to his openness and integrity; besides he does not have excess baggage and his name does not evoke tribal sentiment.

    Makinde is naturally pleasant and warm; always polite and considerate; he is attentive to all, irrespective of their age or status, and often talks to both young and elderly in a respective manner.

    Makinde is a focused man of few words and very humble with a lot of kind gestures. He is truthful, keeps his promises and his presence can be felt within an instant. He takes good care of all around him including his followers and he is neither cruel nor aggressive.

    As electorates are yeaning for a change in Oyo state, they want a new-breed politician with a big heart that truly understands their plights; that attribute can be notice in Engr. Seyi Makinde.

    He’s a good role model for the youths and has been consistent in his humanitarian services, supporting the youths and elderly as he wants everybody to enjoy maximum comfort.
    Oluwaseyi Makinde is committed to bridging the gap between the poor and the rich by investing in infrastructure development within the community. He lives in Ibadan, Oyo State and is married with three children.



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