Former Chief of Naval staff and Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea, Ambassador FBI Porbeni says death of Late Alhaji Shehu Shagari who died in Saturday night in Sokoto is big loss to Nigeria.

The retired Rear Admiral who was also Nigerian transport minister when Nigeria resumed democratic rule in 1999, said, Ex President Shagari was a true statesmen and prayed for God to grant the people of Sokoto the fortitude to bear the loss of President Shagari.

Retired Rear Admiral Porbeni also mourned the death of Rivers State oil magnate Chief OB Lulu Briggs who died Saturday in Port Harcourt.

Admiral Porbeni says Chief Lulu Briggs was a thoroguh gentleman and prayed for the fortiude of people of Kalabari and Rivers State to bear the loss of Chief Lulu Briggs.




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