Translated from BBC Hausa service.

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In an interview with the BBC, Fatima said that her father Mamman Daura and President Buhari had moved in together with one of their friends and that is why their relationship was so great.

She said, “Everyone has friends, who listen to each other. It is a close friendship. That is why people feel as though the government is weak.”

In particular, Daura is a close cousin to the president of Nigeria – Buhari’s uncle – and although he does not hold office in the government, he is widely considered to be a key figure in the presidency.

Fatima said that it was not true that her father was mistaken for President Buhari until he said, “Dad is a lonely man, he does not want to get involved with people and he does not talk too much, you can even investigate.” see, “said Fatima.

“I know that the president is asking for advice but the advisor is withdrawing and not intervening, he is praising the house, or we have told him that we should stop worrying that his sins are being forgiven.

She continued: “We are not happy with what is being said but we know that being together is what makes him so blessed.”

There has been a lot of controversy in Nigeria over this issue, especially since President Buharin allowed Mamman Daura and his family to gather at a glass house in the Presidential Palace.

But two years ago, reports said that the president had asked Malam Mamman to leave the Glass House and move to another house in the palace, because President Buhari’s son had stayed to recover after the accident. .

Nigerians have long been complaining about the existence of Mura Daura in the presidential palace, a move that they feel allows the president’s cousin to intervene in government affairs, “though he has no neither was he elected.

But many consider the special stay in the Presidency to be unusual, considering their proximity to the past, and the “ten percent of Buhari’s wealth in the past.”

On the other hand, it seems that Mura Daura is preventing Aisha Buhari from rising to prominence as the president’s wife.

However, she has never publicly made any mention of her name, and has made frequent comments about her husband’s close friends who claim to be in public service, something that some see as her husband’s direct criticism. .

All this happening has never been heard by President Buhari or especially Daura.

In June 2019 Nigerians released President Buhari’s government on social networks and calls to expel others around him, including Daura Daura.

This was followed by a protest by some of the ruling APC youths.

However, a spokesman for the president, Malam Garba Shehu, told the BBC that some protesters had recruited people to protest.

“Some oversee these positions because of their specific needs,” he said.

Aisha Buhari has caught the attention of those who hold positions of responsibility

I do not want the title of the president’s wife – Aisha Buhari

Photo: Aisha Buhari’s shirt left behind

Culled from BBC Hausa.




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